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Tenga Lovers Egg Masturbator


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Disposable egg-shaped masturbator
With intensive stimulus structure
Including lubricant sample

Egg-shaped masturbator with exciting heart structure inside. The sleeve contains a highly flexible masturbator, which is slipped over the penis like a sleeve and adapts to any size. Also included is a sample of Tenga lube to use with the masturbator for ultimate pleasure.

Designed for guys to experience fabulous masturbation pleasure we bring you the wonderful Tenga Lovers Egg, a sensational black and champaign pink coloured egg encasing a stunning soft, pliable, clear sleeve for the penis that is covered in teasing love heart shaped nubs.

The superb Tenga Lovers Egg is manufactured in body safe silicone, and when slipped onto the erection warms to body temperature, whilst being an extremely stretchy sleeve that can accommodate most sized penises.

The wonderful Tenga Lovers Egg has been designed for single-use, but could possibly be used more than once depending on how you treat the sleeve.

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