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Tenga Air Tech Reusable Regular Vacuum Cup Masturbator


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Tengas new cup-style masturbators are a trio of male sex toys, sold individually, that will appeal to any man who wants the perfect blowjob without any strings attached. These cute and affordable masturbation cups come in Gentle, Regular, as seen here, and Strong models depending upon your personal erotic preference.

If you want something with a bit more suction than Tengas Gentle Vacuum Cup model, choose their Air Tech Reusable Regular Vacuum Cup instead. Small but powerful, this striking sex toy for men will stretch to accommodate your erection and can be reused after cleaning and drying.

Using new aero stimulation technology called Air Tech, this cup-style masturbator creates strong suction over and around your penis to bathe you in oral sex sensations. Hygienic and simple to use, it even comes with a free lubricant so that you can play straight out of the box.

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