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Size Up Clear Penis 3 Inch Extender


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Add extra length and girth with the 3 Inches See-Thru Penis Extender from Size Up. The realistic shape, details and textured surface create the ultimate experience in pleasure and play, giving you and your partner the experience of your life. The transparent design provides visual stimulation and the ball loop ensures firm control over your enhanced package. Use the three included rings to increase your stamina and enhance your pleasure.

Realistic penis shape and details
Ball loop for extra security
Adds up to 3 Inches length based on penis size
Clear material for visual stimulation
Made from body-safe TPE

Length 9.41 inch, 23,9 cm
Width 2.20 inch, 5,6 cm
Height 2.20 inch, 5,6 cm
Weight 0.40 lbs, 181 gr

Penis Extender
3 Stretchy Stamina Rings Power N/A

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