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Rimba Latex Play Inflatable Anal Tulip


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Take anal play to the next level with this inflatable plug! This plug can be easily inflated by means of squeezing the hand pump. It features an easy-release valve located on the pump for quick deflation. This inflatable anal plug has a tulip-shaped design with a massive nozzle in the middle. In standard condition, the anal plug has a diameter of 40 mm with a length of 110 mm. The plug is inflatable up to a diameter of 120 mm with a length of 145 mm.

Tip please use a proper lubricant for comfortable use. Protect the quality of this article by keeping it away from UV and sunlight. Thorough cleaning before first use and after every use.

Materials Metal, Silicone
Length of plug 110 mm
Length of plug and pump 670 mm
Standard diameter 40 mm
Maximum inflated diameter 120 mm

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