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Piss To Mouth Dilator


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Hollow Piss to Moth Dilator from Penisplug with a fixed tube and mouthpiece. Everything is seamlessly manufactured and pleasantly flexible and elastic for carefree play and wear. With its length of 75 cm, the transparent tube is long enough even for self-tasting.

Complete length 88 cm.
Dilator 12 cm long, insertion length 11 cm, outer 0.7 cm, inner 0.4 cm.
Tube 75 cm long, mouthpiece 1 cm long.
Weight 19 g.
Silicone, PVC.

A hollow dilator with a transparent tube
75 cm tube with mouthpiece
Golden shower directly from the source
Self-tasting possible
Seamlessly manufactured
Elastic and flexible
A golden shower directly from the source!

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