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Dorcel P Swing Remote Control Prostate Massager


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Dorcel thought and created the P-Swing stimulator, to stimulate the prostate of all men!

The P-Swing is a technological jewel as it integrates a 360° rotation function. All the walls of your anus are stimulated. This function allows this prostate massager to rotate with its head directly on your P-spot.

This simulator offers double stimulation:

P-spot stimulation and Stimulation of the perineum

The rotating part will be housed in the anus to stimulate the internal walls, while the external part will be wedged on the perineum to deliver vibrations.

With two motors and remote control, it is easy to use and control sex toy.

It is suitable for all men who wish to discover the joys of anal sex. And it is also perfect for the initiated.

The technological prowess of this prostatic massager allows you to rotate the head directly on your P spot.

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