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Dinky Jacky O Curved Wand


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This robust wand massager from the Dinky label is called Jacky O. It features a sturdy head on a flexible neck to reach all her hot spots.

Curved wand stimulator Jacky O
With 3 vibration speeds and 7 rhythms
Made of soft solid silicone and ABS
Sturdy handle wand
Ridged head
Flexible neck
Body safe, free of latex, free of phthalates
Easy single-button operation
Waterproof IPX7
Magnetic USB cable included
Dimensions Length 21,4 cm, Width 11,1 cm, Height 5,72 cm
And remember what every mechanic will say every now and then, male or female, The shaft needs lubing!

Some women are not damsels in distress that need a man to save or help them and they don’t like to ask for help or to act helpless. They are empowered women, they feel strong and independent.

Some are more of the type to fix a broken car or install a new kitchen with their own hands. For these tough women, Dream Toys now has a new product line that suits their hands-on style. Bold and beautiful, strong and confident, Dinky vibes are practical and stylish, they look modern and have all the features a tough woman needs to please her craves. They offer the mind-blowing vibrations she wants and have nice big, shiny metallic parts that contrast beautifully with the soft-touch silicone.

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