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Crystal Clear Anal Training Set Blue


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3-piece anal dildo set
Different sizes and weights
In a penis design with a gentle glans
Each dildo features a strong suction cup base
All bendable and flexible
Dildo trio for anal pleasure & training!

3-piece anal training set from Crystal Clear with 3 dildos in different sizes and weights:

Small dildo 11.9 cm total length, 10.5 cm insertion length, diameter 2.3 cm, weight 45 g.
Medium dildo 16.7 cm total length, 15.2 cm insertion length, diameter 3.4 cm, weight 129 g.
Large dildo 21.5 cm total length, 19.4 cm insertion length, diameter 4.4 cm, weight 276 g.

Each transparent dildo has a distinctive penis look with sensitive glans. They are also flexible and bendable for easy insertion and optimal adaptation to the body and movements. All with a wide suction cup base that ensures safe anal handling without slipping in. The suction cup base also sticks firmly to all smooth surfaces and allows for hands-free use.

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