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Pipedream Anal Fantasy Ass Gasm Cockring Plug


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With a diameter of 1.3 inches, the Black Butt Plug with Cock Ring is ideally sized for beginners. Far from intimidating yet undeniably thrilling, this anal sex toy for men has an added benefit for your erection.

Starting at the front you will find a well-designed cock ring. For those in the know, cock rings work hard to give you a bigger, stronger and longer-lasting erection by trapping blood flow into your penis and making it swell an instantly improved erection!

This stunning anal sex toy will not only boost your manhood, but it will satiate your anal cravings too with its attached butt plug. Featuring a rounded head to slip inside your anus with ease, the butt plug is just enough to open you up and massage your P spot prostate each time your penis is stimulated inside the connected cock ring.


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